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Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist


Sports massage is an effective and beneficial form of physical therapy, not only for athletes or those requiring therapy after a specific accident or injury, but for any muscular problem.
It is for anyone seeking relief from muscle tension and for the maintenance of healthy muscles.

You may need a Sports massage if you are suffering from

- Stress

- Any ache or pain

- Muscle tension

- Restricted range of movement.

- Muscle injuires caused at work, the gym, or playing sports.

- Post surgery to help break down scar tissue, and bring your body back to its full physical strength.

Sports massage is not a full body massage. It is a manual treatment aimed to address specific problem areas, by looking at the body as a whole, anaylising body mechanics and coming up with a treatment plan to prevent future injury and maintain  body health.

  Sports massage aids the body's recovery process and the its ability to heal itself. Using a variety of advanced techniques, sports massage releases tension, strengthens weak muscles, increases range of movement, eleviates pain, corrects bad posture and improves muscular health.

More than one visit may be necessary.


Medical Acupuncture (dry needling) involves inserting fine needles into muscle and repetitive manipulation of the needle in the trigger point (the knot).
The result is that we can influence relaxation within the muscles fibres reducing muscle tightness and discomfort, encouraging healing and pain relief.
 No medication of any kind is injected.

The advantages of dry needling over other treatments are that we can treat parts of the muscle, and deeper layers of muscles, which our hands and fingers cannot reach.

The amount of treatments needed can be reduced with the use of dry needling, compared with manual or physical therapy on its own.

Dry Needling is an invasive procedure and should be performed only by those clinicians who have taken additional study and coursework in this topic and who are qualified to perform this treatment. At this time, there are only a few physical therapists certified in intramuscular manual therapy.

Dry Needling must not be confused with chineses acupuncture. Dry Needling is based on Western anatomical and physiological principles. It is founded by scientific concepts and it continues to evolve using the latest research.



Rocktape Is a material tape that is applied to the skin. The tape mimics the skin so you wont even realize your wearing it. It stays on for up to 5-7 days. You can shower in it, work with it, train with it.

When a muscle is swollen, the area between the skin and the muscle is compressed, which constricts the flow of lymphatic fluid. This results in discomfort and pain.

Kinesio Tape, when applied in conjunction with the correct application, will lift the skin to ease the pain and absorb inflammation of the muscle.

In addition it will enhance circulation and lymphatic drainage.

As the body moves, the tape will function as a pump, continually stimulating lymphatic circulation.

As the technique relieves localised pressure on pain receptors, muscle pain should be reduced.

Kinesio Taping can aid sports injuries by;

Relieving pain.

Supporting muscles in movement

Removing lymphatic fluid congestion

Correcting joint mis-alignment

Assisting in positioning a muscle or joint into correct position for rehabilitation

Assisting a weak muscle by placing it in a normal position

Improving kinesthetic awareness of posture and alignment

Originally developed in Japan to give assistance to weak muscles, Kinesio Taping techniques enable physiotherapists to directly support and stabilise joints and muscles without affecting circulation and range of motion.

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